GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 8 - Page 6

TRAVEL & ADVENTURE Belgrade My Secret Address Book | Splav hop through new world Serbian nightlife 6 Adventures To Try Before you Die Pg. 14 Pg. 39 Travel Trend 2015 Ethical Travel & Ecotourism SURVIVE & THRIVE Inspirational GGI Kirsten Kester ...a globetrotter, blogger, artist and, oh yeah, she’s in a wheelchair Top 10 Best Podcasts 2015 Radio is not dead – it has evolved LOVE & SEX Ask the Love Doc | Love and Sex Questions asked & answered INCLUDING ‘Do flings count when you’re abroad?’ ‘How do I meet someone who understands my nomadic-spirit?’ My International Date Birthday in New York Pg. 68 PEOPLE & LIFESTYLE The One That Got Away and Never Came Back | GGIs who moved abroad and stayed there Spotlight on Girl Gone International’s San Francisco Community Pg. 60