GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 8 - Page 58

How to meet people with compatible lifestyles 1 | Stay at hostels and mingle! 2 | Utilize Meetup groups online like those offered by GGI and Couchsurfing. 3 | Get involved in activities that interest you while on the road. This could include taking a class in something that interests you such as Salsa or volunteering for a local cause during your travels. You’ll meet someone interested in a common cause and lifestyle - talk about two birds with one stone! Living and loving in the moment is fun and exciting and sometimes people do fall head over heels and decide to change their lifestyle, but if a lifestyle change is not what you’re looking for it’s important to make this known. You might have to keep things casual until then, but keep your eyes open, you never know when you’ll meet your compatible jetsetter counterpart.