GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 8 - Page 54

If you feel your relationship is moving too fast and are invested in making this relationship work, then I suggest you find a way to communicate this with your partner in a way in which you are comfortable. While doing so it’s important to explain where you are coming from. Have you ever been in a relationship for this long? Have you ever had a serious relationship? Is your life currently in transition? These are all good ways of framing your discomfort and remember, there’s nothing wrong with feeling uncomfortable in a relationship - but if you don’t communicate your concerns to your partner, they have no way of knowing. Things to keep in mind: 1 | You and your partner are coming from different countries and cultures so many of your ‘norms’ are likely to be different. 2 | Communication should be clear and calm. Patience is key. 3 | No matter what the end result, you should be really proud of yourself. Intercultural love and dating is fun, exciting and can be an all over amazing experience. What a gift it is to love and be loved by one from another culture.