GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 8 - Page 53

QUESTION 1 “I’m currently dating someone from another culture and I feel like we’re moving too fast, I don’t know if it’s him or if its cultural?” GirlGI’s ‘Sex with...’ surveys profile love, sex and dating in different cultures (read them in previous issues). While it’s a fun, cheeky ongoing feature in this magazine, the results from these surveys illuminate how courtship in different cultures varies. So far, we’ve learned a lot of interesting things. Of particular interest, we’ve learned that different cultures view relationships and issues of communication differently. More specifically: 1 | Some cultures go through the process of formal dating like going out for dinner, or drinks more than others. Other cultures cut out a bit of the dating process and skip right to a relationship to see if two people are compatible. 2 | People from some countries and cultures appear to be more direct and straightforward in communication during relationships. 3 | The ways in which people show affec- tion and demonstrate love is, in part, also a cultural phenomenon. While these are not completely surprising findings, it is interesting to see how the GGIs who take these surveys have experienced love, sex and dating with men and women from different nationalities. All relationships require work, but intercultural relationships do present a few more obstacles - and rewards - than your average relationship with a compatriot.