GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 8 - Page 52

Meet Ms. Jones “As a GGI, I’ve chosen a lifestyle which I find exciting and extraordinarily rewarding; however, I have to admit my love life is a bit of a struggle. First engaged to be married, then single and later negotiating long-distance relationships, I’ve encountered relationship obstacles I couldn’t have imagined. However, from Girl Gone International’s Global Census, I learned that I am not alone. The problems of my love life are not unique to just me GGIs experience similar issues, depending on their relationship status.” 71% of you reported you were in bi-national relationships. While these relationships are wonderful opportunities to learn more about a new culture, it is common to experience problems which arise from cultural and linguistic differences. 49% of our GGIs reported they were married or in long term relationships and while they get to partake in adventures abroad, they face additional stresses based on maintaining long distance relationships. Girls Gone International love life stats: 86% of single GGIs simply reported they Single 46% hadn’t found the right person yet, unsurprising, as many don’t want to negotiate long distance relationships and enjoy the independence and freedom of a single, international jetsetter. Whatever your relationship status, we’d like to help you succeed in your love life by answering some of your gnawing relationship questions. Married 19% Long term relationship 30% Complicated 5%