GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 8 - Page 48

6. Bitch Radio From the creators of Bitch quarterly magazine, 7. This American Life This long-running public radio program has 8. Lapham´s Quarterly We subscribe to this outrageously expensive 9. Slate Lexicon Valley Word nerd alert! This always-fun podcast 10. every feminist worth her salt should check out this one. The hosts and guests explore topics from Gamergate to feminist porn to the wage gap to women in sci-fi, the riot grrrl movement and the Strong Black Woman trope. If you like this you might like : Slate Double X Gabfest inspired the most popular podcast in all of history (Serial and spinoff, Serial Serial). It is the one podcast a newbie is most likely to have heard of - it´s also one of the best. Each episode is divided into chapters of sometimes true (sometimes not )stories told through different peoples´ perspectives. Our all-time favorites include Notes on Camp and Switched at Birth. If you like this you might like : TED Radio Hour quarterly magazine because it is just. that. good. The magazine focuses on a theme (youth, foreign, comedy, letters) and each article, both in the magazine and virtually on the net, draws from historical writings. The podcast generally focuses on interviews or stories related to the current theme, for example on Nostradamus, Richard Pryor, Edgar Allan Poe, Reza Aslan or on the Russian absurdist, Daniil Kharms. Our only issue with it is that it’s a bit of a boys’ club. If you like this you might like : The New York Public Library Podcast explores everything language-related, from words of the year to the etymology of grog to whether there is such a thing as ‘sounding gay’. If you like this you might like : The World in Words by PRI A Taste of the Past In a world consumed with concerns of sustain- ability and whether Soylent Green will become a reality, it’s utterly captivating to discover the evolution of how and what we eat. With over 150 episodes and counting, you will learn everything from the history of brunch to the varieties of Ramen to what hot dogs used to be made of. If you like this you might like : Chewing The Fat