GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 8 - Page 32

ETHICAL TRAVEL & ECOTOURISM By Katie Lutz Ethical travel & ecotourism are hot topics right now and for a good reason: the way you decide to travel has a massive downstream effect on the local community, economy and environment. Balinese food By simply spending your money at locally owned establishments, bringing a reusable water bottle and doing a little extra research on animal related tourism, you can actually do a lot of good for that area. And here’s the absolute best part: you can have even more fun because of it! YOU are making a difference, and your experience will be that much richer for it. Spending your money locally can make a big difference in the economy. Try staying at small, family run bed and breakfasts or homestays. The rate is typically lower and often includes a fabulous home cooked breakfast. Eat at local restaurants, which again are typically less expensive and have authentic, delicious food.