GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 8 - Page 3

Issue 8 | It’s our 2 year anniversary! The first steps into a new place are always the most powerful. We are excited and brave yet vunerable. Emotions are heightened, impressions are overwhelming, exposure is maximized. As girls gone international it is easy to get wrapped up in these moments which with experience, we know slowly fade from new and exciting to comfortable and complacent, before eventually feeling the familiar itch to move onward or wayward. Anne Scott | Editor in Chief But it is in these new times and places where we do not know the language, the writing, the culture or simply the metro system that the familiar quotation ‘actions speak louder than words’ truly embraces itself. I am not talking about big, bold actions that demand praise and reward. I mean those times when you’re alone and confused, on the verge of tears and someone’s faintest words or smallest actions cause you to pull back from the despair that often accompanies the lengths of loneliness on the road or in an unknown city. Meghan Klein | Creative Director When the messiness of expat and travel life freezes and you’re reminded that deep down there is this beautiful thing called ‘humanity’. These small moments of humanity become some of our strongest memories and our anchors. They act as a reminder that despite all the differences in the world, we are one, we are human and our ability to positively impact is a gift and its effects are deep, far reaching and long lasting. Tina Jones | Managing Editor The European Hosting Authority, euroVPS, sponsors Girl Gone International. Angie Elizabeth Persello, Girl Gone International Community Manager for Seoul, South Korea © Copyright 2015 by Girl Gone International. No part may be reproduced in any form, without explicit written permission from Girl Gone International. Materials provided in Girl Gone International pages may contain other copyright information and proprietary notices related to those particular materials.