GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 8 - Page 22

Notorious Nightlife Splav Hopping! Belgrade is quickly becoming the Balkan nightlife capital and my personal hunch is that its due to the seeming fact that Serbians rarely sleep. After a late dinner and plenty of coffee, drinks and rakija and it’s finally after midnight, it’s time to head to the infamous splavs, or floating cafes that turn into party central on the calm, moonlit river waters. Not sure what type of music you prefer? Not to worry, simply start on one end of the river and walk along the promenade, essentially ‘splav shopping’, until you find the beats you’re craving. What? Already tired of that one? ‘Splav hopping’ it is! Taking Back the 90’s Grunge, rollerblading and Ace of Base As a typical almost-30-year-old, my childhood brings on a case of 90’s nostalgia, but in Belgrade the 90’s, due to recent memories of war and destruction, are not necessarily remembered favorably. But the longer I’m in Belgrade, the more I seem to develop the theory that Belgradians are ‘taking back the 90’s’ readily welcoming a resurgence of the enjoyable aspects of this past decade. Grunge street style is everywhere and irresistible rollerblading is the endearing sport of choice in the summer months. This blast from the past is making the kid in me happy and it seems that the funloving citizens of Belgrade don’t mind it either!