GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 8 - Page 20

design... Belgrade Design District Not Your Average Grandma’s House Serbia is known for its struggling economy and lack of available jobs, but many Belgradians are finding ways to share their art while hoping to scrape a modest living. Despite the restaurants filled with traditional cuisine and a tonne of trendy bars in Belgrade, most Serbians will still declare the most comforting spots in the city can be found at home, with family. This is particularly evident in the Belgrade Design District, a cluster of independent artist and design studios, hidden in an alleyway just across from Hotel Moskva. If you’re living away from family like me, there are a couple locales who attempt to replicate a night in Grandma’s living room. Walking into any of these means meeting one or more of the artists who typically share store locations to cut down on costs, getting the full background story on the inspiration for their art or a personal story reminiscing about a game of football in the streets during the bombings of 1999. A handful of ‘cultural houses’ have also emerged, hosting regular local exhibitions of various types. Savamala, Mikser House and KC Grad host events from design markets, beer fests, and even ice skating in the winter. Supermarket Concept Store promotes design as a way of life with a store, restaurant, mini spa centre, art gallery and tattoo saloon. The Federal Association of Globetrotters is hidden in the basement of an apartment building (you even have to ring the buzzer to get inside) and consists of cozy rooms that feel like the family library, reserved for sipping coffee as well as the adorable courtyard filled with greenery, perfect for sipping a cold beer. Another option is Blasnavac, in the trendy Dorcol neighborhood, a quirky cafe bar full of nooks and crannies and items you would find in your favorite antique shop.