GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 8 - Page 19

FOOD & CULTURE... Culture & Chocolate Hotel Moskva perches nobly atop Terazije Square, flaunting the contrast between its luxury to the rest of Belgrade’s arguably modest, cozy and nostalgic feel, like the old house of your grandparents. This hotel has hosted Hollywood movie stars, powerful politicians and royal family members in the ‘good old days’ – today it’s the perfect place for a fancy dessert and delicious hot chocolate. Bohemian Belgrade The first night I was taken to Belgrade’s ‘Bohemian Quarters,’I was told not to wear high heels. I compromised and wore wedges but still vowed to leave them at home next time. Skardalija, Belgrade’s neighborhood often referred to as the younger sister to Paris’ Montmartre is a step back in time lined with charmingly haphazard cobblestone streets, and lovely people in traditional garb who are likely to start serenading you whether you like it or not. Gather your friends for a night of traditional Serbian food and yet more rakija sipping.