GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 8 - Page 127

AND THE WORLD BODY PAINTING FESTIVAL I have been going to the World Bodypainting Festival since 2008. It’s now become a whole different branch in my international family tree. It’s a Utopia of beautiful scenery, crazy beautiful art, crazy beautiful people and crazy beautiful fun! It’s addictive and I know I speak for most of the people who attend in saying that we look forward to it all year round. I’m lucky enough to be sponsored by the amazing make up company Mehron for the last two years which has made the whole experience of competing on an international level an even bigger buzz for me. WBF is rewarding and exciting and allows you to mingle, be inspired and influenced by, party with and learn from, more and more wonderful artists every year. My advice to anyone that wants to attend is go for the whole week, take a few classes and really get involved in as many festivities as possible. And if you really want to feel liberated, volunteer to be body painted..It’s an experience of a lifetime.