GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 8 - Page 123

Meet Girl Gone International & Body Painter NICOLE ASPRADAKIS NICOLE ON ART I’ve always been an artist, even before I knew it. As a small child before I could even read, I was fascinated by colors and shapes. I would copy any piece of calligraphy I could find, even though I couldn’t read it, just because I thought it was pretty. As I got older I started drawing, painting, taking photos, digital art and generally having fun with any new medium I discovered along the way. When I discovered bodypainting it brought something magical to my art. A simple change of canvas taught me to collaborate, create, enjoy and then let go. The fact that the artwork itself doesn’t last is what makes it special. It’s about creating a moment in time. It’s very cathartic to know that the paint will get washed away. It is a new form of street art if you like. Get inspired, chose your muse, create art, let her dance, capture the perfect photo and let it all go. Now start all over again. ON TRAVEL I would be a completely different person had I never travelled. Maybe I wouldn’t even be an artist at all. Traveling has allowed me to learn from and be inspired by every place I’ve visited and every new person that’s crossed my path. It’s allowed me to really get to know who I am as a person and as an artist and to make my own rules about what makes me happy. Sometimes that’s easy to forget how to do when routine is your best friend. My best friend and driving force was, is and will always be my love of new experiences. Nicole Aspradakis I’m a Girl Gone International because…I have many places to call home and the list grows every year.