GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 8 - Page 11

Sabina Stachura, 31 from Krakow, Poland Community Manager Los Angeles, CA My poetry is heavily rooted in my life experiences, either with people, nature or the world in general. As an introvert, I sit back and observe the world around me and as an extrovert I participate by socializing. I take on the challenges of my surroundings, dangers of intimacy and efforts to face day to day struggles that all girls gone international can relate to. That’s what gets me inspired every single day. The topics through which I venture are greatly varied, depending on the mood I’m in at that particular moment. They can be influenced by a landscape, nature, love, desire, friendships, relationships, state of mind or simply places I’m visiting... My poems are expats, just like me. The difference is that they can travel in space and time without any physical limitations. featured poet Read Sabina’s poetry at the start of each Magazine Section.