GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 8 - Page 102

What is your colour palette for next season? What should every woman have in their life? Soothing tones, inspired by nature. I’m predicting more muted blue, green and grey tones emerging, with hints of pastel. Style is becoming softer, more minimal and intimate and we’ll see more restraint when it comes to bold and bright palettes. I think everyone needs those great go-to pieces that you can throw on without a thought and be effortlessly stylish, whether it’s a perfectly fitted pair of jeans or a loose fitting dress that covers all sins. And comfortable shoes, always! Really though, all we need is the confidence to embrace our own individuality and style. What will always be in fashion? You can’t go too wrong with basic black and I think there’s something to be said for denim paired with a comfy white tee. Sunglasses are a must and will never go out of style - I love my Ray Ban Wayfarers and can’t imagine a day without them. How do I buy products that are ethical? It’s getting easier to be well informed these days. You can read product reviews online and do your own research and many companies are starting to adopt transparency when it comes to their manufacturing process.