GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 6 - Page 98

Step 1 it Placethe fabricon the woodenthe board. secure with nails. the foam board and Cover with and nail it to Step 2 stretch a ribbon behind one corner and working fromSecure the Secure that corner, the ribbon diagonally to the opposite corner. ribbon tightly behind the board with a nail. Step 3 stretchsecond string of ribbonboardworkingthe ribbons cross. Take a and from a different corner, the ribbon across the so that Secure it behind the corner diagonal to the corner you started from. StephasTake the bullen nails and hammer where the ribbons cross. The 4 to be hammered through the fabric, foam and wooden board so nail that it secures the ribbons to the wooden board. Eventually, you will see that the fabric and ribbons are pressed against the board. StephaveContinue with the ribbonsItparallel to ribbon 1 and ribbon 2 until 5 filled your entire board. is up to you how far the distance beyou tween the ribbons should be. At each intersection, place a bullen nail. Step 6 Decorate as you like!