GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 6 - Page 90

Amazing Inventions That Solve Dilemmas 1. Riding a bike is so darn gleeful that it’s easy to forget that it can also be dangerous. Trying to make protective hunks of plastic look fashionable seems like a lost cause. Smarties Hovding have created an airbag helmet that sits as a discreet collar around your neck and only deploys during an accident. Using some seriously intuitive technology it can tell the difference between normal activities like picking up your keys and an accident. 2. Wearing a maxi skirt or party dress while riding can be a death-defying exercise. If you like your ride to be a little less daredevil, this skirt guard prevents fabric getting caught in the spokes. 3. Dry shampoo and rice blotting papers are the ‘sure I rode to work but I don’t want you to see even a bit of my effort in doing it’ defence. These wonders soak up sweat and oil in a way that I don’t understand but love. 4. So there are all these snappy inventors out there who insist on you being able to wear that flouncy skirt and ride around. This garter is a discreet, elastic band with a small clip to hold your skirt in place and not flash the neighbourhood. Genius! 1.