GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 6 - Page 51

6. Live in the Moment Pay more attention to your partner than you do to technology 7. Own It Be responsible for your own feelings. If you did something wrong, own up to it. A person who admits their mistakes or misplaced emotions is much easier to forgive than someone who does not. 8. Laugh Mel and Con from Lez Backpack once waited three hours for a bus that was supposed to depart at 6am in Bali... ‘With each passing hour we grew more and more frustrated. We could have rattled off the injustices done to us: forced to wake up at dawn, wait alone in a parking lot with no time for breakfast. Instead, our frustration turned into comedy. There we were, up at dawn, in a parking lot and starving. We giggled and thought, this will be a good story someday.’