GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 6 - Page 46

Melissa & Constance Currently travelling through | Melissa American, 29 Constance American, 32 Our story started with one of those strange chance meetings that occur every so often during time spent abroad. Mel had been teaching in Busan, South Korea and received a friendly message from a university acquaintance. Con, who spent most of her childhood summers on the peninsula, would soon be returning to visit family. In the spirit of backpacking camaraderie, Mel offered to show Con around Busan if she happened to stop by and, as luck would have it, she did. Con returned home after her trip and Mel finished her teaching contract; by the end of that year they were making plans to return to Korea as a couple. There are so many benefits of traveling with a partner but our favorite is the inspiration we get from one another. Wanna climb that mountain? Do it. Wanna talk to that big group of expats? Do it. Wanna haggle prices with a local? Do it! Being together makes us feel braver and more motivated to accomplish things that might not have seemed possible alone.