GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 6 - Page 42

Couples that Travel Nomadic couples navigating the world together, one country at a time Although we were both born under Portuguese skies, our first brief encounter took place in Amsterdam, crossing paths above lighted bridges and serpentine canals. We were soon sharing travel stories and eventually a bed. As we settled our lives in Amsterdam, a tentative foray into holiday travel ensued. Having returned with our relationship mostly unscathed, further adventures followed, each taking us further and further away from Europe. Now, as we amble slowly through Central America, we take pleasure in savoring the tiny moments gracing a shared experience, while also enjoying the perks of traveling as a couple: going Dutch on expenses, deals on accommodation, an extra set of eyes to watch our personal belongings as well as having someone to provide emotional support when dealing with the stressful situations inherent to a life spent on the road. There are hiccups, of course. The road can be unkind to a relationship. Spending nearly every hour of the day together can wear down even the most romantic bond. Our glue has always been a mix of innate curiosity, humor and patience; no t to mention, a common understanding of each other’s expectations. As long as we are able to appreciate the silence within and around us, we’ll be alright.