GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 6 - Page 41

SEX The Swedes move fast! 61% of our survey respondents told us that their Swedish dates would try to kiss them and get them into bed on the first date. 97% reported that one night stands are common for Swedish men, which is no surprise – they’re vikings after all! This, coupled with the fact that Sweden has the highest levels of gender equality than anywhere else in the world, means a Swedish man will never make you feel embarrassed for making the first move – they almost expect it! 97% SAY ONE NIGHT STANDS ARE COMMON 79% HAVE A ‘VERY OPEN’ ATTITUDE ABOUT SEX 76% SAY THEY DON’T TALK DIRTY IN THE BEDROOM While they were rated very open, GGIs also found Swedish beaus to be slow to initiate kinkiness in the bedroom. However, overall in bed Swedish sex partners ranked high. 90% of respondents said they were satisfied with under the sheets performance. Respondents were pleased kissing technique and levels of affection. ACCORDING TO GGI’S... Not only are they respectful of women, but the common misconception that the Swedish are emotionally cold is something GGIs didn’t report experiencing. If loyalty, passion and attentiveness rate highly on your list of attractive attributes – then pitch a tent outside the Swedish embassy and pray for rain. You’ll get rescued in no time. 86% of Swedes are faithful 76% are very well dressed 75% are good at early exclusivity 75% are good at commitment 73% are very polite DATING