GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 6 - Page 40

Sweden is a nation known worldwide for many great things - H&M, IKEA, Absolut Vodka and beautiful people (think Alexander Skarsgård). With one of the highest birth rates in Western Europe, they seem to know what they’re doing under the covers. In the 5th GGI Sex With series, GirlGI polled over 100 GGIs to learn what love, sex and dating is like in the Scandinavian Kingdom of Sweden. Are Swedes good for one-night romps and long-term love alike? WHERE TO MEET A SWEDE How to meet a Swede? Being in Sweden of course helps! Our survey respondents also reported that it is more likely to meet singles when at a friend’s party (28%), via an introduction from a mutual friend (21%) or at a bar or club (28%). 28% 30% DRINKS DATE 28% 21% FRIEND’S PARTY BAR OR DISCO COFFEE DATE MUTUAL FRIEND 57% Dates are most likely going to be super causal ; a drink after work (30%) or coffee (57%). LOOKS On face value, the Swedish are known for their killer looks. With three Miss Universe titles under its belt and numerous top 10 rankings when it comes to national beauty, we weren’t surprised that 71% of our survey respondents ranked Swedes with ‘above average’ looks. 71% OF GGI’S SAY THE SWEDISH ARE HOT!