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letter from the editor W elcome to Issue 6 of our light as air, readable anywhere digital lifestyle magazine! Girl Gone Internationals are brave women who take the road less travelled – even if we have no idea where we are going. We follow our hearts far off the beaten path. We create new lives in new lands. And we each embark on a personal journey as unique as our passport number. This issue is packed with inspiring stories of brave Girl Gone Internationals. We meet international humanitarian aid workers, talk to a Yemeni journalist living in exile in Sweden and a GGI who moved to South Africa to empower girls to fight HIV. Anne Scott | Editor in Chief Other women are brave in different ways. Dejana and Becca share their travel and expat experiences with brutal honesty and Marianne, lost and broke having returned from her travels, sets off on the road to recovery via self help. This issue marks the latest twist in my own journey too – an amicable divorce from my boy gone international. Relationships on the road can be incredibly intense (see this page for some survival tips!) but not going the distance doesn’t need to mean failure. I prefer to celebrate packing 50 years of marriage into 5! With this chapter of my life over, I have followed my natural GGI instincts and have moved my petrified single self to another country. Why? Because 14 years of life as a GGI have unfailingly proved that on the other side of fear of the unknown lies freedom and infinite possibility. Meghan Klein | Creative Director So I am working hard to focus on finding happiness in the now and the new – in new beginnings, new ideas, new friends, new travels, new challenges. All the things that make our lifestyle so exciting and the scary times so worth it. A lot of ‘new’ is coming to Girl Gone International too. Meghan, Tina and the team continue to open new communities throughout the world (Hello Bucharest, Zurich, Lucern, Bali and Belgrade!) and the much awaited new website and online global community platform will be revealed soon. It will be a new chapter in the Girl Gone International story. Together we are on a trajectory to awesome – because good things happen to brave people. Tina Jones | Managing Editor Happy international living, Anne The European Hosting Authority, euroVPS, sponsors Girl Gone International © Copyright 2014 by Girl Gone International. No part may be reproduced in any form, without explicit written permission from Girl Gone International. Materials provided in Girl Gone International pages may contain other copyright information and proprietary notices related to those particular materials.