GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 6 - Page 26

Sitting on the roof of a house in post-tsunami Indonesia in 2004, Kelsey Hoppe thought, ‘What a strange profession, chasing human misery around the world.’ Hoppe was speaking of her experience as an international aid worker, one of the countless individuals who head out to places and into situations most of us only hear about on the news. Now at the Pakistan Humanitarian Forum, a membership organization of international NGOs providing humanitarian aid in Pakistan, Hoppe has worked in various humanitarian and development roles in places like Sudan, Uganda, Indonesia and the Ukraine. Her most recent professional venture includes publishing an anthology of essays by women working in the field of international humanitarian aid. Girl Gone International got in touch with Kelsey to find out more about her book and work in general, and to ask for her advice for other women hoping to delve into the exciting, but often misunderstood, field of humanitarian aid.