GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 6 - Page 146

8 APPS TO EXPLORE WITH GirlGI Approved Adventure Apps City Maps 2Go Offline Maps Find your way Find directions with pre-downloaded maps of cities without a Wi-Fi connection. Maps downloaded from this app also include pinned locations of bars, restaurants and shops. Field Trip Take a free tour This app runs in the background on your phone, so while walking down the street, it alerts you when something interesting is coming up. Alerts include architecture, historic places, offers and deals, food and drinks, outdoor art and obscure places of Hitlist Book your travel Hitlist makes travelling on a budget easy. Choose the destination of your dreams and Hitlist scans for cheap fares, helping you find the most optimal time to travel to your chosen location. TravelSmart Access local emergency numbers Accidents happen. Make them less stressful with this app. Access information on local hospitals, emergency numbers