GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 6 - Page 116

Tell us about your journey to Paris I met a beautiful Italian man, Emanuele, while at a yoga and meditation retreat in Pokhara, Nepal two years ago. We were the only two guests at the time and hit it off immediately. We had a long distance relationship for eight months, then I sold everything I owned minus my camera gear, laptop and a few clothes and jumped on a plane. As they say, life is either a daring adventure or nothing! It hasn’t always been smooth sailing but it has always been worth it. What inspires you creatively in running your business? I look to photographers and contemporary artists outside of the wedding photography genre for inspiration and I try to attend photography seminars and workshops as often as I can to continually learn my craft. What is your workspace like? I love our little Parisian apartment but as a result of the size I’m more likely to be found working at a cute café than at What inspired you to start your own home. I’m more productive that way (I think the pastries must help too!). wedding & lifestyle photography business? It seemed to be a natural fit when I finished studying. I discovered my love of photographing people after experimenting with self portraiture during much of my degree. I began to photograph the odd wedding here and there as a student and from there it grew. Why do you love what you do? I’ve travelled around the world and found meaning and beauty in photographing the lives of others. I believe that everyone has a story to tell. Life is precious and photographing others is my way of giving something beautiful back to the world. What do you need to be creative? Usually a mug of chai tea, my MacBook Pro and my pyjamas. How do you balance business and home life? I think that as a creative the lines often tend to be blurred. I’m constantly finding inspiration in the little things around me and get to photograph awesome people in front of an incredible backdrop that I call home for a living. I’m a seriously lucky lady.