GirlGI | Girl Gone International GirlGI Issue 4 - Page 98

Nicola’s training tip: Running Benefits Are you hooked on running with your MP3? Test out how it feels to run without audio. The right playlist can give you a boost but sometimes it can be a drain on your senses, costing you energy rather than creating it (especially if you’re playing air drums!). It’s easier to develop a natural rhythm when you can hear your own breath and this can be quite meditative, which seems to make time go faster. Fitness We could see and feel ourselves improving Nicola’s race day tip: Cheap I loved the fact that running costs nothing, Patience is your race day virtue. Don’t focus on the finish line – the time and distance to the end of a race can often intimidate. Instead, keep your mind in the present, think about all your training and how strong you feel because of it, enjoy the energy from everyone around you and focus on your breathing and form. Getting outdoors I love being outdoors and over time, which was very motivating. Body While we didn’t lose weight, we definitely got leaner, looked better and had perkier butts - a real benefit! Friendship Running with a friend at talking pace meant we discussed every aspect of our lives over time. I thought of it as therapy! once you have the right shoes and gear. running is a great way to connect with the environment. Half marathon training (or mini marathon) will be challenging but should be fun and enjoyable. Train right and enjoy lots of fun on the big day!