GirlGI | Girl Gone International GirlGI Issue 4 - Page 93

Ruth and Morag in 2014 We have both changed a lot since we were 16, but like in a good marriage, we have shared the important things and respected each other’s views. Our families have grown up together and even shared baby clothes. resumed our careers soon afterwards – Ruth as a teacher and Morag as a lawyer. Of course, life hasn’t been all smooth sailing during these 50 years. We have both gone through the hardship of divorce, for example. But, we have been able to support each other, often Many of the things that have happened knowing without being told that support to one have been mirrored, unknowingly was needed. Most importantly, we have or unconsciously, in the life of the other. always been able to laugh together, at the We married in the same year, had children same things, and to enjoy the good times born three months apart, and both of us unreservedly.