GirlGI | Girl Gone International GirlGI Issue 4 - Page 86

Born and raised in Alaska, Tina and her husband have raised their children in 4 different countries. Would you want to move with your family to raise your child in your home country? My first answer would be ‘no.’ We were just recently in our home country for 6 months. Our kids had grandparents close by, attended church, went to a local elementary My kids’ perspective and world- school, ate Chick-fil-A and view is much broader. Words made great friends in that they use and things they talk short time. I loved being close about set them apart, in a good to family, but I enjoy our lives way. Our lifestyle and work as expats. There are times that has allowed for a lot of travel to answer might be different, but several countries and cultures. when I look at the overall picI love that they’ve had these ture, we are right where we experiences growing up. want and need to be. What are some advantages of raising your child in a country other than where you grew up?