GirlGI | Girl Gone International GirlGI Issue 4 - Page 84

Raising Third Culture Kids GGIs share their experiences raising children outside of their home countries Shiloh is a 20 something American from the ‘deep south’. Married and with a newborn she lives in her husband’s country, Germany. Why Germany? Growing up in Germany, my daughter will learn both English and German. This will give her more opportunities in life and a better education. Do you notice any difference between German parenting and the parenting style you are used to? I am used to people really sheltering kids. In Germany, there is more of a ‘live and learn’ method. Instead of being told not to touch dangerous tools, they are shown the safest way to handle them. In Germany there is only one way to do everything, and that’s ‘the German way’. In America every family and every culture has their own way of doing things, which is beautiful, but for me, a bit of a headache and disorganized.