GirlGI | Girl Gone International GirlGI Issue 4 - Page 82

other expat children. Not only are TCKs making friends in their host culture with relative ease, they also become close to fellow TCKs, who might come from cultures and experiences totally foreign to their own. And while moving from one country to another obviously creates distance from extended family, many of our GGIs found that the change brings the nuclear family closer. Bringing up children without family support can be challenging, especially in the early days. On the other hand, that very lack of outside support can translate into a richer, more bonded experience in the nuclear family. The challenges of raising a family abroad might be many, but as our readers have shown, facing those challenges and the accompanying doubts and fears, can be the beginning of a wonderful parental adventure and provide your children a childhood rich with languages, experiences and friends. Right: Bonnie Rose Aherin with husband Ryan Aherin, mother Teresa Nystrom, sister Zoƫ Nystrom and two sons Ronan and Maddox Aherin. Family Photo taken in their backyard in Batheaston, England near to Solsbury Hill.