GirlGI | Girl Gone International GirlGI Issue 4 - Page 8

MIND & BODY FASHION & BEAUTY ART & CULTURE GLOBAL FASHION 2014 Part 1 | Catwalk Staples from New York To Paris Part 2 | WTF?! Crazy Trends You’ll Love or Hate Part 3 | Top Collaborations Part 2 | Training Tips Step Part 4 | TV Fashion Muses by step half marathon training plan Artist Gone International Meet Rome based Kelly Medford New Year, New You Part 1 | Cities, Friendship & Running Set a fitness challenge with a friend in 2014 Goodbye Guilt Trips, Hello Happiness! How to live a life free of guilt and full of happiness HOME & KITCHEN Little Home Must Haves Always on the move? Make your temporary house a home 5 Global Foodie Highs To Try Embrace a new culture by breaking bread with locals! Berlin Art Scene Why artists are moving to Germany’s capital THE FASHION TRENDS CROSSING GLOBAL BORDERS IN 2014