GirlGI | Girl Gone International GirlGI Issue 4 - Page 74

Mountains in Ethiopia Why are you a Girl Gone International? Why did you choose to move to Uganda? I was born in Dila, Ethiopia. After university, I worked as a school principal in Bahir Dar and joined the Rotary Club, working on projects with people from other countries. After three years at the school, I left to look for a new life – it is uncommon for a young woman to live alone – in Addis Ababa. There, I learned I am a nomadic soul. I started travelling after discovering the Couchsurfing website. I found meeting travellers and hosting them to be the easiest way to learn about other countries. I wanted to volunteer in another country and also understand more about Africa. I now work f or an African NGO, African Initiatives for Relief and Development, as an Administrator and Communications Officer. Is it common for women in Africa to travel or go international? Travelling for adventure is rare. Many women don’t travel because of the view that women should be married, have children and settle down. People were surprised and even called me crazy because I stayed in Africa. It is far more common to move abroad looking for better opportunities. On the other hand, some people admire me for living how I want. What do you like about Uganda? People are very free-spirited and live in the moment. I also like the opportunity the country gives me for new experiences. Recently, I went to Burkina Faso, where I sat on a living crocodile at a lake in Bazoule!