GirlGI | Girl Gone International GirlGI Issue 4 - Page 69

by amnesiac boyfriends (of other girls!), all unacceptable actions where I come from. That isn’t to say that all Frenchmen are like this, however, sexual harassment and having a mistress aren’t necessarily frowned upon here… for attracting them. The good natured expats definitely outweigh this lecherous list, but they might have a different set of complications: they might not be stationed in your city for long or they might have their eyes set on meeting a lovely local instead. With all of these contradictions, maybe the best solution is to date other foreigners? Perhaps they would be more on the same wavelength? I have tragically found this not to be the antidote: having dating mishaps with brash Brits, slippery Scots, mischievous Mexicans, coldhearted Canadians and cheapskate Catalans. Their nationality didn’t designate them with these titles, these types can be found across the globe. Sadly, I might just have a knack So where are we to find love? Don’t look for love… it will find you. Despite the challenges with dating in another culture, I’ve also had numerous friends find their local or foreign prince charmant while living abroad. Monsieur Cupid really does strike at the right moment. Don’t wait for his arrow, as you might be strolling down a picturesque Parisian street or at your desk in a Hong Kong highrise. You will feel it when it hits.