GirlGI | Girl Gone International GirlGI Issue 4 - Page 62

Thomas, 24 Hong Kong National & British Citizen Water Testing Scientist Kristen, 25 American Visitor Services Assistant Current location - Edinburgh, UK Thomas went to university in Edinburgh and in my third year of university I decided to study abroad there. We met when he fixed my computer a few days into the semester and shortly after we started dating. We were married on October 12, 2013. We never had an issue making our bicultural relationship work until I went back to America and he returned to Hong Kong for the summer. The distance was hard and if it wasn’t for Skype, I don’t think our relationship would have lasted. It was a 12 hour time difference between our locations but we talked every day and sent cards to each other filled to the brim with cheesy love stuff. I moved back to the UK for my masters degree and it was amazing to finally be in the same time zone, even if we were still 2 hours away by train. We both come from diverse backgrounds so culturally, we are quite similar. However, with our wedding we noticed more differences because of cultural customs from the US, China