GirlGI | Girl Gone International GirlGI Issue 4 - Page 61

Ruth, 30 Young, 65 Writer/Campaigner/ Blogger/Mother Executive Director for Advancement at a University Scottish American Current Location - Hobart, Tasmania We met in Edinburgh at the university where we both worked. We got married 2 years later and had our son a year after that. We recently moved from the UK to Australia. You can’t make such a big and scary move unless you’re 100% confident in the strength of your relationship because when the going gets tough I suppose as with any relationship, communication somewhere new, you’re only going to have each is key and it helps that for the most part we speak other. We were completely honest with each oththe same language. He has introduced me to er about our hopes and fears before we got here, things that I would never have encountered and which I think was necessary so we could support because they are all special to him in some way, each other in the right ways. I’ve fallen in love with them too. I’ve also met many wonderful people among his circle who The most important thing is kindness - being kind have taught me what a layered and diverse to ourselves and each other. That attitude has place America is. In turn, I have introduced him helped everything go so much smoother and ento aspects of Scotland he would not have found sured that for every moment of annoyance there without me. has been a moment of fun, laughter or excitement to balance things out.