GirlGI | Girl Gone International GirlGI Issue 4 - Page 53

Make 2014 your most organised year yet with these GirlGI approved apps! 1 Personal Life Organise your personal life using the daily . journal app, Orange Diary Pro. It allows you to post photos, record voice memos and create to do lists with the ability to export it all into Google Drive or Dropbox. 2 Events Brainstorm and plan events with Evernote, a clever platform 3 Finances Track your expenses and accomplish your savings goals 4 Fitness Routine Get a jump start on your New Year’s fitness 5 Passwords Our lives have moved online and everything requires . . with DailyCost. This intuitive app lets users input and categorise daily expenses to track your spending trends and generate graphs. Data may be backed up to an iCloud. resolutions with Nike Training Club. This app allows you to take your personal trainer everywhere. It provides over 100 custom workouts set to the tune of your playlists and complete with video demos. . . 6 for storing recordings, business cards, bookmarked web pages, documents, pictures and anything else. Tags and notebooking categories allow you to search stored data for easy retrieval. . a password. With increased encryption standards, these passwords are becoming more complex. LastPass stores all of these passwords in one secure place for easy retrieval. Closet Stylebook allows you to import and categorise photos of your wardrobe to assist in outfit choice and the development of a balanced wardrobe. This app takes an inventory of your closet, tracks how often pieces are worn and organises outfits into packing lists for future trips!