GirlGI | Girl Gone International GirlGI Issue 4 - Page 41

I glimpsed moments of incredible happiness as I sat in the early morning hours and gazed out at the serene beauty of the mountains and lakes. I left with a contented heart, beautiful memories and a happy soul, grateful for having experienced more than just a few brief moments of peace. The Hardest Part of Solo Travel – Returning Home I expected to arrive back home and my world to have changed, but it hadn’t. I quickly realised that while solo travel will dynamically change and empower you, the worlds we leave behind will almost always remain statically unchanged. An Onward Journey So how was I to resolve this conflict of revelations? I made the The immense wave of happiness decision to consciously conjure and a limitless sense of possibility up the sensation I felt while away. When I wake up every morning I that washed over me during the give myself a few minutes to feel trip was swept away almost immediately upon coming home. excited and grateful for the sheer possibility of life and the many A hollow melancholy set in. A travels and adventures I have week travelling alone had had ahead of me. such an impact on me that I felt I had been away for a year. I am a Girl Gone International because... ‘I collect countries in my pocket like loose change in a purse.’ -Sarah Pannir