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letter from the editors H Anne Scott | Editor in Chief Meghan Klein | Creative Director Tina Jones | Managing Editor appy New Year, Girl Gone Internationals! It’s the beginning of a new year, providing a fresh canvas ready for painting and we’d love to help you do so with purpose. The holiday season is not always an easy one, but after a short period of hiatus from our ‘real lives’ we return to our cities, go back to work and find ourselves ready to move onto something new, something different and embrace the unknown. Girl Gone International wants you to start 2014 on a high. This issue is focused on themes to inspire your upcoming year. Begin your legacy, find your happiness, defy conventionality, nurture your friendships, delve outside your comfort zone and focus on collecting memories – not things. You won’t find resolutions in this issue but ideas, intended to inspire you and incite a desire within to aim higher, go further and see more. Within the pages of GirlGI’s 4th issue you will find stories and advice from international women, mothers, pioneers, trendsetters and entrepreneurs to facilitate and celebrate your international life – in style. 2013 was a groundbreaking year for Girl Gone International. We expanded our global network of women, held over 200 events worldwide and welcomed thousands of new GGIs. Expect new and exciting things from Girl Gone International during our second year as our global team reach further and work harder to connect, support and celebrate women living international lifestyles around the globe. 2014 will be a year of growth for Girl Gone International with even more hubs across the globe and a new website packed with global and local forums, networks and content. A new year leaves us pondering life, the roads we’ve traveled and one’s we’ve not yet taken. No matter what road you’re on, we hope you take us with you. Anne, Meghan, Tina and Rachel HOW THE DIGITAL MAGAZINE WORKS We have teamed up with Joomag to enable you to download GirlGI to any mobile device and read it offline via the Joomag App - DOWNLOAD IT HERE. Rachel Klein | Issue 4 Art Director And join us over on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and listen to our Spotify playlists.