GirlGI | Girl Gone International GirlGI Issue 4 - Page 134

BERLIN BUZZ by Jobina Bardai Artists all over the world are talking about Berlin and so many are taking a leap of faith and moving over. A courageous step, full of hope and about “making it” in the art world. Is it possible? What does Berlin offer? Is it really as amazing as everyone says? THE joke in Berlin is that ‘everyone’s an artist’, and it’s true. Visual and performance artists, musicians, DJ’s, dancers, choreographers, actors and acrobats are abound in Berlin, creating a thriving art scene and wonderfully unique city. Berlin’s rich history is creative fodder for these artists. No other city in the world has a history that includes war, depression, dictatorship, tragedy, occupation, division and reunification. The Berlin Wall came down only 24 years ago, and thus unified Berlin is still young and finding its feet. The recent influx of new migrants, particularly from the stricken Eurozone countries and refugees from Syria, add to mosaic of this ever-evolving city. “Berlin’s rich history is creative fodder for these artists.” Berlin’s relatively low cost of living means that artmaking is not relegated to weekends or juggled along with ten other jobs in order to pay the rent. While there is a wide range in quality, the very fact that art is being made, and so abundantly, gives a tangibly creative buzz to the city. 2014 Free yourself and live creatively