GirlGI | Girl Gone International GirlGI Issue 4 - Page 108

5 Global Foodie Highs to Try! by Claire Saylor Our favourite foodie thrills and culinary adventures for 2013 are all centered around the concept of ‘breaking bread’, or connecting with people around the table. Peel away preconceptions as you feast your way to cultural awareness in these innovative social dining scenarios. 1 Eat with a conscience in Amsterdam The seasonal ‘Miltvuur Keuken Zuid’ (MKZ) is a “people’s kitchen” that was actually an abandoned building taken over by a group of creative squatters. Recently renovated, the kitchen is run by volunteers with the mission of providing food for people with a low budget and creating a social space for discussion. Patrons can purchase a 3-course vegan meal for just 5 euros featuring specialties like vegan carrot cake or mustard seed soup. All profits are designated to various social or grass-roots initiatives chosen by the volunteers. 5 Euros