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day-to-day assistance ? Many seniors end up living with a daughter or son – will that work for you ? If LTC is not for you , what can Medicare or Medicaid do and not do for you ?
Ignorance is not bliss in this case , BTW . So GOTC ( Get Off The Couch — my own modern acronym !) and talk to someone who can guide you but don ’ t just set this aside . Be ITK ( in the know ). Choose how you will live your later years or how you will deal with unfortunate twists in life that might compromise some of your abilities – have a plan . At the very least , do it so you don ’ t burden your family . Our local experts can help . That ’ s going to allow you to age with attitude !
If not , blame the one you see in the mirror .
Sources : Jeff Orth , Integrated Financial Network James A . Ward , Elder Law & Estate Planning

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to organize and understand the freedoms of speech and expressions . Emaan was the manager of the Target stores in Hollister and Gilroy and is now an area manager for Target .
Abbass enjoys traveling with his family with regular trips to Egypt and his second favorite city , Washington D . C . When his girls were teenagers , they toured the White House , Supreme Court and other national landmarks .“ It ’ s really something that my two girls cherish for the rest of their lives ,” Abbass said , adding that his oldest daughter had interned for the attorney general .
“ I consider myself very lucky to have been born in the greatest civilization - not just to be born there but living … and now I live in the best country in the world ,” he said .
Abbass said his perception of Egypt has changed after living in the United States for nearly 34 years .“ You see it for what it is after you live here for awhile and you experience the great American lifestyle and freedom ,” he said . “ You go back and you really appreciate what you have .”
Abbass said it was important to he and his wife that their daughters be exposed to both cultures , earning an appreciation of their background and the opportunity that they have here . They both speak Arabic and registered to vote when they came of age . Abbass said he and his wife vote in every election , adding that he always votes in person .
“ I think people take it for granted ,” Abbass said of our country ’ s freedoms and privileges . “ They don ’ t know how good they have it here . We have the wrong impression of the rest of the world . They see it through the perspective of the CNN camera . People don ’ t hate Americans - they hate the American policy . When I contradict or make a comment about our policies , I do it from the eyes of the freedom here and it is a positive criticism because I see how people look at us outside and I understand where they come from . At the same time , I ’ m a citizen of this great country .”
Abbass is just as passionate about serving the communities in which he lives and works . He has been in the
Rotary Club of Gilroy for 22 years , serving in every capacity the club has to offer . In July , he begins his one-year term as Rotary Club president .
“ I consider Rotary one of the organizations that I am so proud to be a part of because I not only serve my local community but I serve the rest of the world ,” Abbass said .
He said one of his proudest moments is when he helped provide medical equipment in Egypt in the 1990s . He firmly believes in all of the club ’ s missions , including eradicating polio and helping young people . Each year , Rotary gives thousands of dollars in scholarships to young people .
Abbass said he is also a “ sport fanatic ” and a great 49er ’ s fan . He also enjoys photography and travelling .
Abbass said coming to this country with a school-level knowledge of English never stopped him from chasing his dreams .
“ Living the American dream , there isn ’ t anything that will stop me or prevent me from helping my community ,” Abbass said .
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