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Gilroy Community Happenings …

Gilroy Today congratulates the recipients of the 2013 Gilroy Chamber of Commerce ’ s “ Spice of Life ” Awards , which were presented at the Chamber ’ s 10th Annual Citizen and Business Awards Dinner and Board Installation Ceremony in February . The awards are presented to individuals and businesses within the community that help make Gilroy a wonderful place to live and work .
Buying at Costco is an experience in big . The warehouse is big . The parking lot is big . The packaging is big . And so is the heart and community investment of the people of Gilroy ’ s Costco . Starting with the general manager , Gregory Gutierrez , there is a connection with the community . Of the five stores he has worked in , Gilroy seems to have the strongest community bond . Greg enjoys seeing and interacting with the stores “ regulars .” A walk around the store with Greg is an adventure . He picks up papers , sweeps up a small spill and greets employees by name . Employees , in turn , are generous with big smiles and greetings back to Greg .
The Gilroy Costco employs over 200 people with about half of them living locally and sixty percent working full time . Costco employees are involved with a GUSD reading program , a community backpack program for elementary school kids , United Way , and Children ’ s Miracle Network . Greg is proud to have raised the local contributions to Children ’ s Miracle Network to $ 36,000 , a big increase !
Gregory Gutierrez , General Manager
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