Gilroy Today 2013 03 Spring - Page 58

Mayor Don Gage City Council (L-R) Dion Bracco, Kat Tucker, Peter Arellano, City Attorney Andy Faber, Mayor Don Gage, City Administrator Tom Haglund, Peter Leroe-M Don has been here before so there is a certain calmness in his mayoral demeanor. On the other hand, four of the seven sitting members of the City Council at one time or another have been candidates for the position Don won in 2012. Don has a number of goals for his four years, but Don has been in politics for a while and he understands the importance of four votes. To that end, for the City Council retreat held on January 11-12, 2013, the Council used a facilitator to guide them through a process of identifying a vision and strategic plans for the next 15 years. The facilitator, Lyle Sumek, spent time before the retreat getting to know the Council members and gathering preferences towards the plans. The ultimate vision is described as the following: Gilroy 2028 is: • A Safe Community and the Choice of Families — a Preferred Place for Family Living • Vibrant with a Thriving Downtown that is the Heart of the Community • Filled with Livable Neighborhoods • Abundant with Recreational and Leisure Opportunities • Easily Accessible, providing ample mobility • A Source of Pride Making Gilroy a great place to live!” To accomplish this vision, the starting place for the City of Gilroy is the development of a mission. The Mission of the City of Gilroy Is To: • Be Financially Sound • Be Customer Oriented • Provide 1st Class Municipal Services • Have Engaged Residents. With this foundation, the Council is in the process of identifying one-year, five-year and fifteen-year goals and an action plan to implement this vision and mission. In the next few months, these goals and action plans will come to Council for implementation. Don, as mayor, is very pleased with this process and has high hopes for the future of Gilroy. With the economy on the upswing, Don looks forward to the “restart” this process will give the Council and the city administration. Some of the “restart” focus will include better linkage with the Gilroy Unified School District, a continued emphasis on budget accountability, development encouragement as exemplified by the 18 percent reduction in developer fees, working towards a vibrant downtown that will become the heart of the community, and a focus on customer service from city departments. 58 G I L R O Y T O D A Y S P R I N G 2 0 1 3