Gilroy Today 2012 12 Winter - Page 31

ROY SHACKEL FIREFIGHTER EXTRAORDINAIRE Roy Shackel, a paramedic, came to Gilroy in 1979 as field supervisor for Medevac. While here, he found himself growing fond not only of the people that he worked with but the community in general. So, in 1990, when a part-time position in the Gilroy Fire Department opened up, Roy jumped on board and he’s never looked back. In 1996 he became a full-time firefighter with the city and today he serves as the Administrative Captain at the Fire Department’s headquarters on Chestnut Street. Being able to carry on a strong tradition of excellence in the city’s Emergency Management Organization (EMO), which is one of the finest in Santa Clara County, is a source of pride for Shackel. Some of the areas that the EMO deals with include Earthquake Preparedness Training and an Outreach Program for community based and non-profit organizations. Shackel mentions St. Joseph’s Family Center as the primary provider of food assistance in the entire South County and notes how important their role is in the event of a major disaster. Helping them remain resilent is one of the main goals of the EMO. When asked what he likes about his job, he notes “the people I get to work with — the fire, police and city staffs. We have some of the greatest people and I consider myself extremely lucky; the relationships are so good.” W I N T E R / H O L I D A Y 2 0 1 2 G I L R O Y T O D A Y 31