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two days . I spoke with Sima Hilde who owns the New Look Institute in San Jose . Hilde is also an expert in hair prevention / hair restoration . Her office offers a no-cost confidential consultation and a $ 250 scalp analysis for free . For those at the beginning stages of hair loss , Hilde recommends “ Low Level Laser Therapy .” With LLLT , one can achieve a healthier , thicker , fuller , shinier looking hair within a few treatments . Her office is also well-known for “ customized , non-surgical hair replacements that are permanent hair grafts .” Unlike wigs or toupees , these hair replacements ( which William Shatner and Burt Reynolds can vouch for ) allow you to be active – swim , go sailing and brave the winds …“ undetectable to sight and touch ”. The use of hair implants made of artificial fibers were banned by the FDA after alarming cases of infection were reported . The risk of infection and rejection is also the reason that one cannot have a hair donor .
I called The Hair Club and Bosley as well . Suffice it to say that our local experts were far more attentive and interested in sharing information . They were proud of the solutions they offered but more importantly , they were sensitive to the emotions that hair loss can stir up . I felt their compassion and their desire to really help .
If you are prepared to join the list of Hollywood ’ s hot bald men , more power to you . If you prefer to overcome your “ follicular challenge ,” if hair loss is affecting you in some negative way , pick up the phone and go for a confidential consultation . The cost is more reasonable than you think and some offer payment options ! When you think you look good , you feel good . In time , people forget what you had to do to have that skip in your step and that smile on your face .
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Disclaimer : This article is for informational purposes only . Anyone with concerns is encouraged to have a discussion with their physician . This article was written independent of Visiting Angels and the magazine .
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