Gilroy Today 2011 06 Summer - Page 16

The Legacy of Goldsmith Seeds

By Larry J . Mickartz
Jane & Glenn Goldsmith
“ Goldsmith Seeds was family , a family that extended across continents , cultures and the unique personalities that were attracted to the breeding of flowers . There was pride in working for the common goal , in creating something beautiful year after year . Opportunity , possibilities and recognition were there . But central to it all was the Goldsmith philosophy that employees , community and customers all felt that they belonged to an extended family . They could come to a place and share a common passion . It is a gift to be able to create a life working at what you like doing . I think we are are grateful for that .”


March 26 , 2011 the multinational corporation Syngenta hosted a reception at the beginning of their Spring Trials . The reception recognized the Goldsmith Family who founded and grew a passion for seed propagation into a very successful business . In 2008 Syngenta bought out Goldsmith Seeds . Spring Trials are an annual showcase for new plant variations . Visitors from all over the world come to Syngenta during the Spring Trials .
A few years ago the Goldsmith family started a tradition of giving the greenhouse demonstration flowers to the Gilroy Rotary Club after the Spring Trials . The Rotary Club then orchestrates the annual Flower Fest where the flowers are sold to the public . The proceeds from this event go towards Rotary service and charitable giving activities .
Jane Stoppel , Elite Stock Manager , Syngenta Flowers
On June 5 , 1962 Glen Goldsmith founded Goldsmith Seeds in Gilroy . He remembers the exact date . The first location was an abandoned barn on the east side . Along the way this small operation grew to a huge business with facilities in Guatemala , Holland , Kenya , and Gilroy employing as many as 4,000 employees around the world ! The story of the Goldsmith family and Goldsmith Seeds is one of those remarkable American success stories .
Fifty years later Glen ’ s body feels the effects of age and illness but his mind remains sharp and informed . Back then he received his bachelor ’ s degree and came very close to finishing his doctoral degree . Reflecting on the Tribute Reception , he quips that it was like attending your own funeral ! As he recalls it , things were not that perfect !
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