Gilroy Today 2011 06 Summer - Page 14

Container Gardening … the choices are endless

By Debbie Barncord , Owner Garden Accents

W hen I think of container

gardening and the imagination
I have seen over the years it ’ s just amazing . Have you been to Monterey lately ? They have the most beautiful containers of glazed pottery and stainless steal horse troughs planted with succulents and a variety of beautiful plants along the Cannery Row . It ’ s inspiring .
We often tell our customers “ your imagination is your limit .” From vegetable or herb planting , bulbs , water gardens , fountains , succulent containers or just to dress-up your patio or front door with some color , the choices are endless and it is so inexpensive . We have turned a lot of our pottery into fountains ; giving a completely different and individual look compared to the traditional tiered fountains . They can be put on the patio or incorporated into a disappearing fountain in the garden .
I have been growing my vegetables and herbs in pottery for the past 5 years because of the limited space in my garden and have had great luck with peppers , tomatoes , mint , chives and this year my son decided to try an artichoke . In the fall I use the veggie containers to do bulbs like daffodils or tulips . Then once they have finished blooming , I plant right over them with vegetables and herbs .
Another popular way of planting in containers is geometrical designs with succulents . Again , you just need imagination ; this style of planting reminds me of a beautiful quilt . Watering the containers in hot sunny spots can be a challenge but if you think ahead and use a drip irrigation or self watering inserts you will have great plants and save time as well . For your next container project , remember to think outside the box and have some fun . The choices are endless .
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