Gilroy Today 2011 06 Summer - Page 42

Chilean Sea Bass Roll at Sushi Omakase Great Eats of Gilroy In Our Opinion By Larry & J. Chris Mickartz We want to put to rest the rumor that “there is no place to eat in Gilroy… only fast foods and chains.” It’s the old “the grass is always greener somewhere else” syndrome. Well, we beg to differ. We enjoy eating out and have found many culinary treasures, “great eats” right here in Gilroy. Bear in mind that we do not profess to be “foodies” by any stretch. And we don’t know the difference between ragout and a stew, or roux and a Beurre Manié. Owning a bed & breakfast, however, has given us the opportunity to take note of the comments our guests share about their dining experiences in Gilroy. Just within the past month we have heard great things about the Station 55 Steak at Station 55, the wonderful Sangrias served at Lizarran and the sushi at Sushi Omakase. The couple that visited Sushi Omasake said that “the sushi was as good as any San Francisco sushi house, but the service was better.“ And the couple that visited Lizarran Tapas Restaurant went for a cocktail in the early afternoon and stayed for dinner and dessert. They said they had a “delightful time and would be back.” On our Gilroy Today Facebook page, we asked our fans what restaurants they liked to frequent and what dish they particularly enjoyed. Their responses included: Lobster Bisque at Westside Grill, the Kitchen Sink at O’D’s, the Flat Iron Steak at Station 55, Salmon Linquine without tomatoes at Mama Mia’s, Coconut Prawns at China Garden, Calamari Steak at Tasso’s and the Garlic Prawn Salad at the Longhouse. The following is a list of the restaurants that we are familiar with and frequent. Again we note, we are not food critics and these are not reviews. There are many other restaurants in Gilroy that have excellent food … we just wanted to start the conversation. Bon Appetit 42 G I L R O Y T O D A Y S P R I N G 2 0 1 1