Gilroy Today 2011 03 Spring - Page 36

The Gilroy Foundation ’ s Board of Directors is aware of local needs . The Directors have developed a strategic plan which involves a four-year campaign to increase its assets from $ 7.5 million to $ 10 million . Achieving this goal would make an additional $ 200,000 available annually for grant giving . The Board of Directors particularly wants to increase the Community Needs and Field of Interest Funds . These types of gifts give the Foundation greater freedom to address a wider range of needed community grants .

Want to be involved ?

Call Donna Pray
Executive Director at 408.842.3727 www . gilroyfoundation . org
“ This past year the Foundation funded over onequarter of a million dollars in local programs . Some of these included : adult day care , housing for the homeless , our local Salvation Army , an elementary school violin program , early childhood education , and St . Joseph ’ s Family Center .”
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